Friday, December 16, 2005

Fathers and Parents ask to Forgive those who can NOW do the Right Thing for our Nation

The New York Times notes that the White House asked the Times not to run their report about Bush-authorized NSA eavesdropping, “arguing that it could jeopardize continuing investigations and alert would-be terrorists that they might be under scrutiny. After meeting with senior administration officials to hear their concerns, the newspaper delayed publication for a year to conduct additional reporting.”

The AP lists the 16 measures in the Patriot Act that are set to expire on December 31, if not reauthorized by Congress.

Bloomberg notes that at least four Republicans support a filibuster, meaning that the help of nine Democrats is required to head it off.

"If Democrats filibuster the current bill and Republicans refuse to accept a short-term extension, the Patriot Act that is now on the books will expire in two weeks," says the Washington Times. "Further complicating matters is that even if a compromise is reached in the Senate, it will have to be approved by the House... Privately, Republicans say they are astonished Democrats would consider filibustering the Patriot Act and leave themselves vulnerable to future political attacks...

As a Father and Caring Parent who has admonished only love for my child and the other children crying out for fairness in our Family Court System needing reform, and wishing only to promote equal parenting rights the following may be relevant to this story - and may involve personal injury damages in order to affect a simple change for my son - Dane.

Since placing my website (formerly up for debate and political consideration - as well as the Apr 2005 CA "Shared Parenting Bill" being introduced in Sacremento - the following actions (and others) were taken against me and my child only to achieve a sustained lack of success for voluntary support of my son this year and for the last 7 years without "wage garnishment" being needed - and as I have shown and experienced these intentional blocks to my financial success by:

Bank of America - in June 05 (Letter sent to Pres NY, NY) - corrected immed
FL Realtors Assoc - in Nov 05 (Letter sent to Pres and Gov - FL)
Verizon - in Nov 05 (Letter sent to Legal in CA) - corrected immed
SBCGlobal / Yahoo - in Nov 05 (Letter sent to Legal in CA) corrected immed
and NOW even - - in Dec 05 (Letter sent to Legal)
which can ALL NOW be shown to have been designed intentionally to "inflicit emotional distress, block and violate the legal rights" of other Parents / Children's Rights advocates and their constitutional free speech and other protected "civil rights" illegally. ALL this just to affect their legal rights to support any child free of torture or any negative governmental interference by Federal Law - equally and voluntarily under the law.

Please release any blocks currently involved in my ability to work honestly and earn a decent living for my child - here in our country - the United States of America...

If we will only do unto others that which we wish done unto US we will do the Right Thing in addressing these issues legally and ethically under our 200 plus years of US Constitutional Law.

Thank you, again, for your prompt attn to this matter.


Stephen Rene

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