Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Should the Patriot Act's roving wiretaps and secret warrants be allowed under US Federal law?

This is / was a Live Vote - by the "People of the United States of America"

Should the Patriot Act's roving wiretaps and secret warrants provisions be renewed for four more years? * 861 responses

- Yes, letting down America's guard leaves us vulnerable to preventable terrorist attacks.

- No, giving those powers to the government is an infringement on citizens' rights and privacy.

Although this is not a scientifically valid survey.
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House renews Patriot Act, but Senate could balk

The House voted 251-174 to approve a House-Senate compromise that would modify and make permanent most of the Patriot Act’s 16 expiring provisions. But a group of Republican and Democratic senators is lobbying for more time to add additional safeguards on the law.


Please remember those slain by those in the 1960's and what it was and why they died for their country - Senators.
"Freedom, Liberty, and Equality does not exist in a democratic society without legal restraint, judicial oversight and responsibility to protect and to serve the people's rights as a government under our US Constitutional law."

Checks and Balances - are what we were afforded by our Founding Fathers - please do not forget about them.

"Is it not NOW the Time ALL Good Men/Women in leadership come to the defense and aid of our US Constitution..."


Donna said...


I am very pleased to see you are so passionate to help Children and open the eyes of the world. I do believe you will accomplish everything you are working on because you have passion and you are doing it for the good of others. GOD rewards us when are intentions are to serve others. I had typed a comment and it wouldn't take it. When I hit the post comment button I needed to type in the letters I saw in the security format. The part where you look at the odd letters and type as you see. I did it 10 times or more and it still said it needed to be done over and over again...

Tina said...

Steve, quite a bio! Some impressive websites. A bit more homework than I was expecting - lol! (I could spend all day on this with my computer).