Monday, December 19, 2005

Is there any big news TODAY in the CIA - NSA leak case(s)?

The last big news in the CIA leak case is the announcement, late yesterday, of Judy Miller’s retirement from the New York Times. The Washington Post features an interview with Miller, the reporter jailed for refusing to provide information to a grand jury. In the blogosphere, Powerline asks interesting questions about anomalously weak CIA controls of comments and publications by Joseph Wilson, another key figure in the case.

Speaking of anomalies - When leaks of information are traced to a whistleblower, the employee typically is fired, often without due process. But, a gentler approach to leaking prevails in the White House, where the staff are receiving ethics lessons and remedial training in the handling of classified information. wonders why the President “gets to cut class.”

Curiously, there is no bar on staff contributions of money to Lewis Libby’s legal defense fund. In the federal civil service, gifts to coworkers are severely restricted, to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest. Libby is no longer on the staff, of course; but, that does not erase the perceived conflict of interest, i.e., that contributions might serve as “hush” money.

MediaChannel reports that Helen Thomas and others sought to prompt Scott McClellan to explain the apparent contradiction between the President’s claims that the U.S. does not engage in torture and Vice President Cheney’s request for a CIA exemption from torture prohibitions.

It remains a mystery. But is it really that much of a secret - anymore?
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I have posted this to start a real debate about the following. It will and has been placed on as many blog posts - as possible - if it saves just one child from losing another parent in our present current system:

I can only hope we are not again hoping to find in ALL a perfect leadership without fault or any imperfection (Dem or Rep) - as many lawyers in Wash and around the country - not in Wash DC - are all 1 step away from dis-barment themselves each day. Just “because someone has achieved a law degree does not make them above the law” and they must hope they are not subject to the same level of standards - they and we impose upon those in public life today…?

Just a thought as we move forward into another New Year…

Thank you for positing my comments and my movement toward equality and shared parenting for our children - although met with resistance N.O.W. we hope to work together peacefully - for “equal rights for all” as these must be upheld - if the other side ever wants to be taken seriously “when preaching equality for other rights in our nation” - as it is N.O.W. our children who should have equal access to both parents without killing another parent - who adversarily loses their child (or Mom or Dad) in any other future ABA Family Law decision.

Can we NOW do the Right Thing for our Children - Can We Stop the Anger and the Hatred?

Please Forgive as this is what this time of year is ALL about. Lest them who feels they can cast the 1st stone...and show the WORLD they are perfect and without sin...?

Stephen Rene
“A Constitutionally Ethical America is a Strong America”
“Our Founding Fathers would Care - Do We?”

Comment by Stephen Rene — November 26, 2005 @ 10:56 am

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