Thursday, May 18, 2006

USA Today Does a Triple Play - the GOOD NEWS is?

Nasdaq feels pain of trampled tech stocks
Pity the poor tech-stock investor. While the market in general had a dreadful day Wednesday and has been struggling for two weeks, the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite has had a bummer month and year. It's down 7.4% since mid-April and dipping into its lowest levels since December.

Parents are tech- savvier
Parents are learning that if they want teens to communicate with them, they need to keep up with the technology whether it's MySpace and instant messaging or cellphone texting and multi-player computer games. Parents who embrace the new technologies are learning that kids are willing to communicate on their own terms.

Students tune in through film
A recent C-SPAN-sponsored contest, StudentCam, encouraged young people to create and submit 10-minute documentaries on issues as diverse as video-game violence and wiretapping. All winning documentaries also can be viewed on the Web at

CAN WE TELL the TRUTH in America today?
WE Truly CAN - if WE will only
Let Our Light Shine...Honestly...and Ethically.


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