Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers Day - Helping Those With Mental Handicaps or Illness?

From the Wash Post - April 23 - editorial section:

[Some still to this day are using the] "Insanity Offense" [as it was] used by a recent Supreme Court case to argue that our health and legal systems prevent the mentally ill or handicapped from getting treatment before they commit crimes and then treat them as criminals after they do.

In the District, the Ervin Act balances the rights of the individual with the interests of society by providing mental health services for those in need and protecting the safety of the community. The act provides for the Commission on Mental Health of the D.C. Superior Court, a three-person panel that holds hearings on every referred case of an alleged mentally ill person who is likely to be dangerous as a result of the illness.

As is "not always the case" in Family Law: "All parties are given a thorough hearing while represented by lawyers."

------------ALWAYS DO YOUR Help Those with Handicaps or Illness

There is always a best way of doing everything. Find it - Embrace it.
True greatness comes from being great in even the samllest of things.

If you will only try, you can always do a little more each day.
Manytimes it can be more than you think you possibly can.

It will be in your constant effort to be first-class in everything you attempt to do that will help you and others conquer the heights of success - like David and Goliath of ancient times.

When you do more than the average ind your progress multiplies itself out in exact proportion to the effort you put into something. Neg words and deeds equal the same in return - but pos words and deeds can yield so much more.

Always do more than you're supposed to do and you can have,
become or achieve anything you want in spite of impossible odds against you.

If you truly want enduring success try to think positvely about others, be honest with your spouse, family and others in your community by sharing a little more than most - in advance of the rest of the world.

"Together" we can take on a giant system and have the will to win what is right and good - like David and Goliath of ancient times.

Our efforts to simply expose the truth for and about gender equality - not bashing - one another... truly can change lives for the better - everyday.

We can together share our lives, and "love for our neighbor."

Can WE show others "how this is truly about helping those less fortunate than ourselves" - and as we do - that it will ultimately help those in our society needing it? Do so for our children and families - and ALL those future generations - who truly CAN SEE and HEAR the truth about - and by example lead with unselfish love and respect for one another - in every way.

If you have something nice to say about someone share it with others...
If you can't find something nice to say - then keep it to yourself...
"Have You Heard the TRUTH about Shared Parenting - Today"
Stephen Rene
C.I.E. - Strategic Business Development
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"Together - We Have Made and Can Make More of a Difference - Everyday!"

----------------This DAY in History...

May 14, 1897: Stars and Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa's march "The Stars and Stripes Forever" premiered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The occasion was the unveiling of a statue of George Washington. In 1985, a bill was introduced in Congress to make "The Stars and Stripes Forever" the official national march of the US Military.

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