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Can We Help Others See and Hear the TRUTH - SAVING a Life - Commentary

Can We Help Others - SAVING a Life - Commentary

Will we continue to show the darkness and the lack of love needed for our children from both their biological parents involved?

Here is a bit of the truth our Radio / TV Media, State - Federal political leaders are seeing - as well - and hopefully we will not be censored - by those who don't want to allow others to hear it - and are conspiring against those who are under attack for wishing only to share the TRUTH about it.

1. PBS - Children's Stories Under Fire - and is Typical

The recent airing of the PBS documentary about Abuse appear to have backfired on the backers of the production and programming - as the latest court documents and testimony which becomes public record has shown.

Yet - the arguments needlessly continue from both sides LAWYERS against the other in an attempt to dis-credit each special interest groups' side in the matter.

To be balanced - it would appear that both the mother and the father due to the adversarial process we have put into place - have created the negative enviornment for the child.

Both sides are / have clearly shown themselves as acting less mature than children and have been making the case for the other side for over 40 years now. N.O.W. can we ALL Please Stop the Fighting and the Selfishness for our Children - and for their more positive future's in America and around the World?

2 . According to Karen DeCrow, former president of the National Organization for Women:

"If there is a divorce in the family, I urge a presumption of joint custody of the children. Shared parenting is not only fair to men and children, it is the best option for women. After observing women's rights and responsibilities for more than a quarter of a century of feminist activism, I conclude that shared parenting is great for women, giving time and opportunity for female parents to pursue education, training, jobs, careers, profession and leisure. There is nothing scientific, logical or rational in excluding men or forever holding women and children as if in swaddling clothes in an eternally loving bondage. Most of us have acknowledged that women can do everything that men can do. It is time now for us to acknowledge that men can do everything women can do [in parenting of our children equally]."


Stephen Rene
Have We Heard The TRUTH about SHARED Parenting?
Have We Seen The TRUTH about HEALTHCARE?


3. Tagline: "A Life is waiting"

Plot Outline: An eastern immigrant finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there. After attempts to trick him into breaking the law -Hanks refuses and ingeniously learns the only way he can to survive with the deck continuiously stacked against him and his quest for his father - and something he says: "I am sure he would do for me - too." In the end his honest efforts are found by many to be pure of heart and heroic - even by gov officials who finally show some compassion, and from the airport on-lookers - fully aware of his case.

4. It's time to upgrade family courts so moms and dads are treated equally.

Join us! Purchasing the book will help drive legislative reform. Come on in and check out excerpts from Comeback Dads.

5. Get an update on the Shared Parenting Bill
We were told it could never be done...working well together no matter the gender, race, or religious belief side by side - with like minded - fair and balenced souls of today...who still beleive in upholding our US Constitution and Bill of Rights couragously, with wisdom, strength and generosity - WE CAN and WILL expose the TRUTH.

6. Not only were these great men and women endowed with a burning love of liberty, but they were of a breed quite rare today...

In the 1770's many helped to establish on this earth a kind of government that had never before existed: a republican form of government, which had as its primary function the preservation for each individual citizen the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Founders recognized the absolute necessity of morality and religion in maintaining that government; and they recognized the importance of binding that government in the chains of a Constitution to strictly limit its power. And they recognized that the right of a citizen to own and be secure in his property was fundamental to that liberty and thus took steps to insure that government respected that right.

And so it remained for many generations of Americans. Eventually though, Americans took for granted the constitutional protections they had enjoyed since birth.

7. Hi Steve -

I talked to my kids about your sight, they seem really interested. My son Roy has two kids, not married, but he is a good dad, he provides for his kids and gives
them all the love and affection they need and he totally agrees with what you are doing.

It s a shame that most dads get the rear end of the bargain, I know of some great dads that want to be with their children and would do anything to be with them but mommies don't agree, why because they are in it for the
money, they are selfish, they are thinking of their needs and not the need of the child.

I wish parents would think more about their children and how important they are, children are our future and if we want them to grow up to be great model citizens, we first as parents need to be great model citizens - too.

8. Hi Steve -

I just wanted to say that what you are doing here is wonderful and I support it 100%.
We need more people like this to help our children all over the world. Children are being exploited everyday and in everyway not only by strangers but by parents also. We need to put a stop to this at once and I think that this program will help do that.

Through my own experience I feel that parents should share their children, why should our children pay for our mistakes why should they be to "blame" we women do this, we take it out on our children, we are so angry at our spouse that it only seems logical to take it out on our children.

Anyway I leave you with this and in hopes that the right person will read it and take it to heart, keep up the great work because I believe that as soon as the word gets around, this will take off like a rocket. Have a blessed day...:)

Notes - Biblical Secrets Can Make You a Success


Keep the image of my coming success before myself and God, seeing it now as a present reality to act upon in faith.

In frequent prayer, visualize yourself as a success, enjoying the substance of things hoped for and reaping the rewards of your work. Do NOT, as many mistakenly do, picture yourself doing the work itself. Focus on the end, not the process. See the result, not the routine, or you may discourage yourself by making the effort seem tiresome.


As I work at achieving my goals, I shall stay alert for new opportunities disguised as problems.

You may wish to pray for a bigger vision of success, as your goals get tempered with experience and you discover new opportunities. Refer always to your Major Life Purpose. Not every idea is one you should invest in. Use old goals as stepping stones to new ones. Most successful people upgrade goals as they go along, once they find out how many new, unexpected opportunities now open up for them.


I must have further plans when I reach my success goal, so I don’t get bored and undo all my hard work and God’s blessing by aimless living.

When humans get bored they do dumb things like messing up their lives, undoing the works that made them prosper and forgetting God. Then they have to start all over again. To avoid this risk, keep growing, keep adding new goals as old ones are realized, always keep trying to be a blessing and share love for one another to and for others.


12. "Love for One Another" is the KEY

Can we show this kind of love to so many who are involved in the current Family Law conflicts of today and finally admit the only TRUE resolution is in bringing families together in LOVE - not in the present day darkness of fighting over $$$ and legal fees - which is hurting not helping our children - in our American 21st Century" - Stephen Rene -

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