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6/2004 - "Allred vs. Tong--Is Parental Alienation Syndrome a Fathers' Rights Hoax?" - His Side with Glenn Sacks - The high-profile Bridget Marks custody case in New York has put the gut-wrenching issue of sexual abuse allegations in custody battles in the headlines, and Marks has become a cause celebre for many feminists. In that case the court determined that Marks had coached her four year-old twin girls to claim that they had been sexually molested by their father, and judge Arlene Goldberg switched custody from the mother to the father. False allegations of sexual abuse are an important part of a pathology dubbed "Parental Alienation Syndrome," wherein one parent tries to turn his or her children against the other parent...
Feminists assert that Parental Alienation Syndrome is a father's rights hoax--"junk science"--which unscrupulous fathers use to wrest custody from decent, loving mothers. The father's rights movement sees PAS is a damaging epidemic--one which family courts usually turn a blind eye to.


It continues to show the darkness and the lack of love needed for our children from both parents is a bit of truth the States leaders are seeing as well - hopefully we will not be censored - for wishing only to share it:

PBS - Children's Stories Under Fire - and is Typical
The recent airing of the PBS documentary about Abuse appear to have backfired on the backers of the production and programming - as the latest court documents and testimony which becomes public record has shown.

Yet - the arguments needlessly continue from both sides LAWYERS against the other in an attempt to dis-credit each special interest groups' side in the matter.

To be balanced - it would appear that both the mother and the father due to the adversarial process we have put into place - have created the negative enviornment for the child - here is an short segment of one sides claims (see if you can pick up on what I mean):

Claim #5) Sadia individually and through Fatima has repeatedly described Scott Loeliger as an abusive husband and an abusive father. These claims have never been substantiated. Despite all the fury and accusations from Sadia and from Sadia through Fatima, neither one of them actually claims that Scott ever physically abused them. The entirety of their claims, even if we were to believe them, is "verbal" and "emotional" abuse. Sadia and Sadia through Fatima claim that Scott is a monster.

Claim #4) In addition to the documents and statements of Arellano and various social workers, therapists, and neutral professionals which detail the mother's - Sadia's - violence and abuse, we also posted a letter from Sara, Sadia's then 15 year-old niece. Sara lived under Sadia's care along with Fatima and her younger sister, and also provided extensive evidence of Sadia's violence and child abuse. In a long, heartbreaking letter written to her father in Kenya, Sara says she feared for her life from Sadia's abuse and tells her father that Sadia "isn't what you think she is." The letter can be read here.

Claim #3) In Sadia's new statement here she claims that the Tulare County Juvenile Court "made its findings despite the fact that both Fatima and I denied, and continue to deny that it [the abuse] actually happened."

A Marriage, Family, Child Therapist who has done investigations for Shasta County Child Protective Services reported "She [Fatima] told me she did not want to go home because she was afraid her mother was going to hit her. She said her mother hits her a lot." To learn more and read the document, click here.

Mary K. McDonald, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist who was Fatima's therapist between March of 1993 and December of 1994, reported "I am extremely concerned regarding recent reports that I have received from Fatima Loeliger that lead me to question whether this child is being abused in the care of her mother. On two separate occasions this child reported to me that she was burned 'with a match' my her mother, Sadia Ali Loeliger." To learn more and read the document, click here.

Randi Gottlieb Robinson of the Tehama County Department of Social Services in Red Bluff, California, testified as to the abuse Fatima reported to her at Sadia's Tulare County juvenile court trial for child abuse.

This is what is being shown by both sides - needlessly - and in the current system the victims are the children involved. Isn't time we created a system whereby, the parents had EQUAL BALENCED LAW that stopped the fighting, and the violence - currently - and clearly shown by this PBS documentary.

Both sides are / have clearly been making the case for the other.
N.O.W. Please Can We Stop the Fighting and the Selfishness for our Children - and for their future's?

Stephen Rene
Have We Heard The TRUTH about SHARED Parenting?
Have We Seen The TRUTH about HEALTHCARE?

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