Monday, March 06, 2006

LA Based story - "CRASH" wins BEST MOTION PICTURE of the YEAR!

LA Based story - "CRASH" wins BEST MOTION PICTURE of the YEAR!

Our Congrats to ALL the films, actors and directors who are making a difference in Hollywood for Equality and the Constitutional Equal Rights of Every Citizen of our Nation no matter what the issues of conflict between gender, race, and of religious beliefs.

"Love for One Another" is the KEY to so many of the current conflicts and the only TRUE resolution is in bringing families together in LOVE - not in the present day darkness of fighting over $$$ and our children - in our American 21st Century" - Stephen Rene -

According to Karen DeCrow, former president of the National Organization for Women:

"If there is a divorce in the family, I urge a presumption of joint custody of the children. Shared parenting is not only fair to men and children, it is the best option for women. After observing women's rights and responsibilities for more than a quarter of a century of feminist activism, I conclude that shared parenting is great for women, giving time and opportunity for female parents to pursue education, training, jobs, careers, profession and leisure. There is nothing scientific, logical or rational in excluding men or forever holding women and children as if in swaddling clothes in an eternally loving bondage. Most of us have acknowledged that women can do everything that men can do. It is time now for us to acknowledge that men can do everything women can do [in parenting of our children equally]."

The Beatles - 1960's.

Thank You Google, Yahoo & MSN - "Stephen Rene" - Have You Heard the Truth about equality in "Shared Parenting?" - Have You Seen the Truth about equality in "Healthcare?"
"Together - We Can Continue to Make a Difference - Everyday!"

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