Saturday, January 28, 2006

Truth vs. Truthiness - Shared Parenting - It's Time has Come

Jan. 26 -
New York Times columnist and author, Maureen Dowd joined Countdown to discuss the Oprah / Frey controversy and what President Bush could learn from the talk show host's defense of truth.

Maureen Dowd, columnist of “The New York Times,” and author of “Are Men Necessary?” and “Bushworld” joined ‘Countdown’ on Thursday to explain why she feels Oprah’s only correct option now is to remove her endorsement, figuratively and literally, from Frey's book and comment on the growing struggle over spying for the Bush Administration.

To read an excerpt from their conversation, continue to the text & title above.

The Truth will and shall be shared publicly - and in light of the present "cover up" of gender and civil rights violations against so many non-custodial parents here in the US. In what would be considered discrimination in any civilized society in the world - should it NOT be exposed clearly here in the US - even if there are many - who are involved NOW and wish to keep it from being so.

It is in OUR Sharing love for one another - and NOT EVER wishing to do another male parent - harm in any way - and in our SHEDING OF Light on & about the 300,000 plus non-custodial parents lost and many 1000's of children's lives lost - in the last 10 years - NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT - due to the current Family Law industry - that this continues to really be ALL about?

SHOULD not NOW our children have equal rights too - and the same rights that has always been - and always should be - guaranteed by OUR founding fathers in OUR US constitution and Bill of Rights - I beleive it is.

I hope Maureen and Oprah will / would feel the same if the shoe was on the other foot and agree shared parenting = equality for both genders as parents and for their children unselfishly.


Stephen Rene

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