Saturday, January 28, 2006

Haven't You Seen the Good NEWS about HealthCare?

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As everyone knows, health care spending has risen steadily. In 2004, it totaled 16 percent of national income, up from 7.2 percent in 1970. Spending will continue to rise, if for no other reasons than that the population is aging and the average annual health costs for someone 65 and older ($7,910 in 2003) are—surprise—more than twice those for someone 35 to 54 ($2,966). As health insurance becomes more costly, the number of uninsured, now about 46 million, may grow. Worse, health costs may depress wage gains, raise taxes and squeeze other government programs.

On a grander scale, that's our predicament. Americans generally want their health care system to do three things: (1) provide needed care to all people, regardless of income; (2) maintain our freedom to pick doctors and their freedom to recommend the best care for us; and (3) control costs. The trouble is that these laudable goals aren't compatible. We can have any two of them, but not all three. Everyone can get care with complete choice—but costs will explode, because patients and doctors have no reason to control them. We can control costs but only by denying care or limiting choices.

Here's the paradox: A health care system that satisfies most of us as individuals may hurt us as a society. Because insurance covers most of my medical bills, though, I don't have any stake in switching...[but the other 46 million out there might?]

YET - HERE's A SIMPLE and Affordable Plan where a Dental / Medical - bill is reduced up to 50-80% w/:

No Waiting Period – Coverage within 24-48 hours!
No Claim Forms
No Deductibles
No AGE Restrictions
No Pre-Existing Dis-qualifiers
Members present their Member Number to any Program Provider and your bill is reduced up to 50-80% depending on fees and services rendered - simple, easy and a better way to do HealthCare!
400,000 Doctors, Dentists and other healthcare practioners - from as many as 3 different PPO organizations who have agreed to sign on to this program NationWide - as of Jan 2006 - this is a Win-Win for the consumer and the doctors - alike!

Initial Enrollment Fees of only:
$20 for Dental / Vision / Rx / Chiropratic -
Ind $11.95 - $19.95 per month for the entire Household!

$30 for Medical & Dental Vision / Rx / Chiropratic -
Ind $49.95 - $59.95 per month for the same!

Stephen Rene
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Your words, what you represent,& the change you hope to bring about... left an imprint on my heart - TY.

Christi - OR.