Saturday, December 03, 2005

Whitwell Middle School Paper-Clip Project

This after-school project involves eighth grade students who are learning about the Holocaust and how prejudice and power in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. We have a project that we would like your help on.

We are trying to have 6,000,000 paper-clips sent to our school to represent the 6,000,000 victims of the Holocaust.


"We chose paper-clips for a special reason. During World War II, Norwegians wore paper-clips on their clothes to show their opposition to Nazism and anti-Semitism. ”


Whitwell Middle School is a small rural middle school located in eastern Tennessee. Our student body consists of about 425 students who are mostly Christian with very little cultural diversity. In our entire student body, we have only 5 African-American students. Those 5 students represent all of the cultural diversity in our school.

It is for this reason that we decided that our students needed to be prepared to handle the diverse world that they will be charged with leading in the future.

However, when we mentioned that 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, our students could not believe that that many people were killed and no one did anything to stop it. So, to show them just how many 6,000,000 is, we came up with the paper-clip project.

IF we can only see how the lives of these were lost in vain and how the hatred toward a certain few caused it, then how hard we faught to end their suffering and their pain in WWII...?

Can we not also see how 1000's lives are being lost (non-custodial parents and their children) everyday based on similar hatred shown by one parent against the other - is THIS ACTION not the same as the paper clips of this project - and simply show that life, liberty and the pursuit of family togetherness / happiness is what is so needed in our society historically - as well as - today.

"Lest we never forget them" - as well as - "those who have made a positive difference in sharing their love and their light" in the founding principals of our country's spirtual diversity - and in always knowing and "doing unto others as we would wish done unto ourselves."

"May my son be raised up in this spirit - and when he needs me - he will know always that I am there with spirit - if I cannot be with him in person..."

Merry Christmas 2005
"Making a Difference - It is in ALL of US!"
"Delivering on the Promise - to Share & Do the Right Thing"
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