Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Terrible Loss of Children - by a Custodial - Parent Needlessly

Oct 20, 2005
SAN FRANCISCO - A woman who authorities said was hearing voices tossed her three young children off a pier into San Francisco Bay. Rescuers had found one body, and the other two children were feared dead.

The mother, Lashaun Harris, 23, of Oakland, was booked on three counts of murder, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in Thursday’s editions. Her children were identified as Trayshaun Harris, 6, Travante Greely, 3, and Joshua Harris, 1.

A child’s body was found about four hours after a witness reported seeing a woman drop the children into the bay near Pier 7 Wednesday, said Jonathan Guerra of the U.S. Coast Guard.
Was a Family Law decision involved?

The current system of law and process is removing Fathers from their Children's Lives - over money - as being more important than the safety and loving bond between both parents and their children. These children might have been saved if the mother had been encouraged to share them more with the father?

As the laws stand now mothers are encouraged to try to get - more money - if they keep the children away from their fathers and thusly - as they do - we will continue to keep seeing and hearing about these sad cases on the News - when it happens.

Why do we see and hear and do nothing?
We CAN Be a Part of the Solution - if we care - by writing to our News Media and State and Federal Leaders!

YES - we know that the father should have been more involved in their lives; but was probably discouraged - by a move-away or legal advice provided to the mother to take them away which separated him from his children.

This needs to change. We must become more - legislatively encourging - of a positive family bonding enviornment for the child involved. Only when children and parents are encouraged to stay close and harmonious - not in legal dis-agreement because of the legal fees this creates for the current system and process in place - will we then save so many children's lives - needing our help, as well as, our positive and loving encouragment.
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