Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lessons From Rosa Parks

Lessons From Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks's historic action was a "simple refusal" to give up her rights to equality; it was/is in the simplicity of her refusal that I have always appreciated the WASH POST article entitled ["Bus Ride that Shook a Nation's Conscience," front page, Oct. 25].

Yes, Mrs. Parks was combating racism and sparking the modern civil rights movement, but she also was asking people to follow a simple moral and ethical tenet:

Respect for one a society that with each passing day seems to forget the lessons learned from our divine nation's history.
"We are all human, none of us perfect, prone to making mistakes. But it is how we as a people re-act to them and help expose these basic human rights violations, if not, correct them, and modify those unethical acts...that truly matter."

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NYMOM said...

"Moms benefit when the father of their children is also able to help with responsibilities at home."


You mean like your son's mom benefitted when the courts allowed you to switch custody, after she lost her job and apartment after 9/11...

Now you're running all over the internet telling people she only used her son to get more child support from you?

If you are representative of 'the future' of this country as you say, then we're in real trouble.