Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Pilot Television Show proposed on FOX 24 Hour Reality Channel in 2006

Please provide the details of your Family Law experience so that when our PILOT SHOW production is completed on our FAMILY LAW Reality Television Show - you and/or your case may be selected for airing on TV...! We are focusing on Parental Alienation and Involuntary Separation from a child to bring the child back together with the other Parent on TV...!

(Please be specific about your case experience and yet brief and to the point and provide us with your email address in order to contact you or a family member - if your story is selected for taping on the show...!)

Wish Us Luck - as this is going to be opposite the likes of a "Jerry Springer Type Show" and more like an "America's Most Wanted Type Show" hosted by John Walsh currently.

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