Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fathers and Parents Who Care

Help those Children in Need of Both their Parents!
Please check out this site too:
founded by Stephen Rene

It will help any Parent on both sides of a child support or custody issue see the real reasons why we are helping shape and change the laws currently in place!

Many current Federal Sen's, State Gov's and State Rep's have all visited my site and wish to only help spread the word on "Shared Partenting" being the consistutional right of every parent in America!

Our founding Fathers would think so - why don't those within our current system agree...and why are not always helping the child(ren) involed - who is/are kept apart from the other parent - needlessly.


Terri said...

I believe this is a great cause and I can't wait to watch it when it goes live.

From a believer...

FathersWhoCare said...

Thank You Terri - and ALL who beleive it is time for a change in the way we decide and learn to handle an end to the family relationship process - especially when a child's life is involved...

We hope you love the show - when it airs...and keep this site as a favorite in your bookmarks - so you can see us when we are going to be in your area...!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me this web link. I think that the less pain a child goes threw the better. Most parents us children as a fighting tool and it must stop. Best wishes for your new show.

Anonymous said...

Steve - We are very gald you have taken a stand for children in the midst of a system that seems to care more about the custodial parent than the child maintaining a good relationship with both parents equally.

Thank you for your efforts!

My child and I will tune in to your show; for sure.

Noreen said...

My child and I pray that
God would shine on you and bless your heart and the desires you have. Stay close to him and he will manifest himself, just like David did with Galiath, which is the same as looking at the current family law system, as well as, all that you are up against.

We pray that God will continue to show favor upon you, and that your son's Mommy would allow you to speak to him and also to
see him, and if not, that God would intervien in her heart.

Then there would be victory 4 u knowing that God would usher the things from heaven and manifest them in the present for all to witness, and that he would bring people who will strengthen the fight with which God has placed into your hands, for all to see!

Thank you...we look forward to watching your TV show.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you feel that what your reading is true and you have to wish someone you know nothing about "Good luck and best wishes"
I wish you good luck and you should redally thingk about reading other things, like "True facts."

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who beleives in this site or anything your read I truly feel sorry for. If you really want to know the truth or would like serious help you should consult with a lawyer then turning to someone who is a Fraud.

FathersWhoCare said...

WE do understand that there are many women still resisting shared parenting and many lawyers advising even my son's mother to violate a court order - and will eventually be dis-barred -needlessly.

We hope this helps in your investigation and the telling of the truth of this case. AS it is the child that is really being hurt by your actions - not only the other parent.

Please call if you require any further info on the criminal perjury charges when an attorney /mother are now involved in 2-3 State case (MA / FL) and possibly CT - as well.

WE will always work with Law Enforcement to protect against fraud - just ask the FBI and

Thank you again for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I was reading your site and you are very one sided and it is sad to see you misinform these people due to your heartache. I would think if you were right as you say you are, then you would be able to see your child and have your rights upheld. I feel there may be things you are leaving out. I seriously doubt a lawyer is misinforming a client and risking being, as you call it " bis-barred" to get back at the other parent.

FathersWhoCare said...

Why don't identify yourself like I have - and show that you are being honest - or - are working for 1 of the law firms in FL / CT being investigated - then?

This is all true and sadly is happening all across the nation to hurt non-custodial parents and their children everyday in violation of their consitiutional rights.

Did you by any chance - as did we -hope and pray that our new Chief Justice will do the right thing for family rights - in the future?

I know their are good lawyers out there - Judge Robert's is Top Shelf - but too many are afraid to take a stand like we have: "to expose - these human rights violations" and like the words of Susan B. Antohony mentions on our Solutions Page. You might take a moment to read them - for yourself - and stop the attack on me and my child needlessly - when I am paying my support voluntarily and my income and ind contract employment has been personally injured on multiple occassions because of the stand and position we take - and goes to prove the system based on these illegal acts is set up to make sure Fathers fail - not help them to be a part of their childrens lives - honestly and ethically - for a change.

Thank you, again, for your comments...God Bless America.

Elena - Family Law CA - OR said...

Thank you for speaking with me today - may more lawyers show they care like you have by handling more Family LAW cases - Pro Bono - in the future.

Your recoomendation to Rent the movie "Coach Carter" and share it with every educational and legal institution in America to hopefully start to see and "get the seriousness of these life altering social issues is critical to the proper understanding and balanced change for both sides - including the children -not just one side selfishly.

Call me anytime if you wish to discuss this case on a Pro Bono level - as attoney client privledge - should be a very ethical issue - with the Bar in any State.