Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Test of Your American Internet Connections - This is ONLY a TEST...:)

You can now test your Internet Connection Speed or "TCS" http://tech.msn.com/speedtest.aspx

Here's the story on Broadband Internet Today:

Connection Type Connection Speed Faster Providers

28.8 Kbps Dial-up 28.8k

33.6 Kbps Dial-up 33.6k

53.3 Kbps Dial-up 56k

384.0 Kbps DSL/Cable 384k

768.0 Kbps DSL/Cable 768k

824.7 Kbps - You 824.7 kbps

1500.0 Kbps Cable/DSL 1.5Mbps Comcast

1544.0 Kbps Full T1 1.544Mbps Covad

3000.0 Kbps N x T1 3.0Mbps Bandwidth.com

6000.0 Kbps T3 6.0Mbps Bandwidth.com

15000.0 Kbps T3 15Mbps Bandwidth.com

30000.0 Kbps T3 30Mbps Bandwidth.com

Bandwidth may be higher or lower depending on Internet congestion.
Calculated tests do not reflect server reliability and speed:



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