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Welcome to the Governor's Ex-Offender Taskforce - ARE NOT non-custodial Mom's and Dad's in need of the Same Protections in our Society Today?


One State recently announced a NEW program - Florida is committed to the ideal of America being the land of second chances, as expressed by the President of the United States who declared: "When the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life."

There are currently 86,000 inmates in Florida's prisons, of which over 26,000 are expected to be released within the coming year.

Successful reentry and reintegration in one's community is a matter of critical import to the public's safety.

Without successful re-entry into one's community, recidivism is likely to occur, to the great detriment to the public safety, Florida's communities, families, taxpayers, and individual ex-offenders.

There is hereby created the Governor's Ex-Offender Task Force formed to help improve the effectiveness of the State of Florida in facilitating the re-entry of ex-offenders into their communities so as to reduce the incidence of recidivism.

Governors' Charge to the Task Force:

1. Identify barriers to successful reentry - legal, policy, structural, organizational, and practical barriers to successful reentry.
2. Recommend reforms that will eliminate barriers to successful reentry
3. Recommend implementation strategies.
4. Recommend measures to assess the effectiveness of the reforms.


Monday, June 26 at the Quorum Hotel in Tampa, FL from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Ex-offender Re-entry Summit sponsored by the US Attorney's Office and Abe Brown Ministries on June 27-28

BRAVO - You are seeing and listening to the TRUTH!
Can the Family LAW Legal System be made easier Legally too...YES!

"ONLY when we truly start to help one another - we will in the end - ultimately - help ourselves."

"We are all human, none of us perfect, prone to making mistakes. But it is how we as a people re-act to them and help expose these basic human rights violations, if not, correct them, and modify those unethical acts...that truly matter." SRene2005

"What is Our Deepest Fear? Could it be That by Helping Others it might lead to a more loving and understanding society built on equality regardless of gender, creed, race or religion in honor of our US Constitution?" SRene2005

"Ask Not - What WE can do to only help ourselves - today?
Ask instead - What WE CAN ALL do to HELP one another share in Saving a LIFE - today.

It Starts One Person at a Time
But will - in the END - Multiply One Hundred Fold
If We Together will only TRY to Share Our LOVE with others - Everyday!"

The Weather Man - In this FILM - Cage's character debates his professional versus his personal issues and by doing so turns his FATE and LIFE into a relative success - in the end...!

Can WE NOW SEE that by Sharing and Saving Lives - WE CAN and WILL Succeed in showing the WORLD WE CAN LOVE and not teach hate TO OUR Children - as this is the only way WE WILL Survive and Live Together - Domestically, Globally and Internationally - in the future! SRene2005

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"Together - We Can Continue to Make a Difference - Everyday!"

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