Saturday, June 24, 2006

Powering up Tomorrowland - Dreams Do Come True with urban Wi-Fi — and Anaheim!

In the past decade Garry Betty has experimented with just about every possible way of connecting his customers to the Internet — and wiped $1 billion of his shareholders' capital off the balance sheet in the process. But now the chief executive of Earthlink says he sees a way to take his revenge on the giant rivals who have long beaten him bloody.

In Anaheim, Calif. Earthlink has attached little white boxes to 1,500 traffic lights. At the end of the month Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle will cut a ceremonial wire, turning on those boxes and powering up America's first big-city Wi-Fi network, which will offer residents high-speed wireless Web access across Anaheim for $22 per month.

While many cities have fought bitter public battles over building urban Wi-Fi networks — phone and cable companies loathe the idea of the cut-rate competition — Anaheim is about to become the first major-league city to do it.

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Low Cost Internet - $22 a month in Anaheim w/
Low Cost E-Commerce - $8 a month -
Low Cost Med/Dental - $59.95/$19.95 a month -
Low Cost P/C's - $99-$499 -
Low Cost P/C Internet Training - Priceless...As is the Light that shines in ALL of US...:)

This was a great suggestion made on MsNBC for New Orleans and other areas hit hard by Katrina, as well as, other major huricanes last year. It may very well have saved some lives by providing LOW COST internet related vehicles to help others "learn. communicate and earn more online" than ever before - in support of their families and their children - everyday.

A Special Thanks to The Wash Post, MsNBC, Google and Yahoo for watching and in keeping the Faith in the mantra - "Doing Unto Others - Can and Does Help Save Lives - Everyday."

Have We Shared OUR LOVE for The Truth with Others Today?
Have We SAVED a Life - Today?

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