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Disclosure (1994)

Directed by
Barry Levinson

Writing credits (WGA)
Michael Crichton (novel)
Paul Attanasio (screenplay)

Tagline: SEX [and n.o.w. gender] is power.

Plot Outline: A computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life [out of jealousy needlessly].

User Rating: 5.8/10 Stars (8,598 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Douglas .... Tom Sanders
Demi Moore .... Meredith Johnson
Donald Sutherland .... Bob Garvin
Caroline Goodall .... Susan Hendler
Roma Maffia .... Catherine Alvarez
Dylan Baker .... Philip Blackburn
Rosemary Forsyth .... Stephanie Kaplan
Dennis Miller .... Mark Lewyn


Fatal Attraction (1987)

Directed by
Adrian Lyne

Writing credits
James Dearden (also earlier screenplay)

Tagline: SEX [or n.o.w. gender] can be equally abusive.

Plot Outline: A married man's one night stand comes back to haunt him when that lover begins to stalk him and his family [in violation of a court order and 2003 FL Bar disciplinary action].

User Rating: 6.7/10 Stars (10,640 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Douglas .... Dan Gallagher
Glenn Close .... Alex Forrest
Anne Archer .... Beth Gallagher

WE CAN and should SHARE our "thoughts and opinions without fear of reprisal" with those in need of help and our MORAL support - who show they can and want to save the lives of others - everyday - if given the chance to do so...

As WE continually have and will continue to show, "again and again" over the last 3-4 years - WE will always "try to do the right thing for others instead of just ourselves."

"It is in ALL of US...and shines" more brightly everyday the "light of awareness" on the problems we must N.O.W. stop and face openly with deeper understanding and insight in our country and in our society - if not for our children's Equality and future Freedom - and WE CAN do so EVERYDAY.
According to Karen DeCrow, former president of the National Organization for Women:

"If there is a divorce in the family, I urge a presumption of joint custody of the children. Shared parenting is not only fair to men and children, it is the best option for women. After observing women's rights and responsibilities for more than a quarter of a century of feminist activism, I conclude that shared parenting is great for women, giving time and opportunity for female parents to pursue education, training, jobs, careers, profession and leisure. There is nothing scientific, logical or rational in excluding men or forever holding women and children as if in swaddling clothes in an eternally loving bondage. Most of us have acknowledged that women can do everything that men can do. It is time now for us to acknowledge that men can do everything women can do [in parenting of our children - equally]."

Have We Heard The TRUTH about SHARED Parenting?
Have We Seen The TRUTH about HEALTHCARE?
CAN WE See and Hear the TRUTH Openly and Honestly?

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