Sunday, June 18, 2006

HAPPY "PARENTS" DAY - Weekend Good News

NEW YORK — Internet search leader Google is testing a system that aims to speed purchases online but bears no resemblance to the popular PayPal payments service of Web auctioneer eBay, Google's chief executive said Thursday. Analysts had recently speculated whether Google would directly compete with PayPal, dubbing its potential new service "GBuy." Google has not yet announced details of such a service or given it a name. But Google CEO Eric Schmidt provided limited details about the system Thursday. The company's payment system will aim to facilitate quicker purchases by a consumer from a marketer, and a beta version is expected soon, he said.

"It's not like PayPal at all," Schmidt said when asked about "GBuy" during a New York meeting hosted by Conde Nast's new Portfolio business magazine.

"It makes no sense for us to go into businesses that are occupied by existing leaders," he said. "We want to solve new problems in the payments space."

"Will Google "Do No Evil" and truly try to help those less fortunate than themselves - when the "current #2 Online Auction Company" is being targeted by the 2 Internet Giants trying to get into bed together and "Monopolize the Auction industry?"

Yahoo! and eBay ----- TEAM UP?

Two Internet bellwethers team up in a "best of breed" partnership.
Even bellwethers know when to swallow their pride and flash a little flexibility. Just ask Yahoo!(Nasdaq: YHOO) and eBay(Nasdaq: EBAY), who have announced a strategic alliance that will showcase their respective core strengths on both sites. Now they have a chance to analyze each company's offerings and drum up a "best of breed" solution that, if successful, will make [other online auctions] matter a little less.

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"Stay tuned as Wall Street and the Media are Watching to SEE what will happen next?"

I just wanted to say thank you to ALL OLA NEW Founding Members who are signing up others as NEW Founding Members - too! WE Welcome YOU ALL this Fathers Day 2006 and May your Experience on OLA be a very POSITIVE, Prosperous and Fruitful one. So many ARE now showing they are willing to share this with others across the NATION.

YES - WE CAN clearly NOW SEE how many really want to HELP all of US succeed in helping one another, and by doing so, help US ALL to succeed in a SINGLE Common Goal!

YES - WE CAN clearly NOW SEE that by working together, WE CAN someday become the #1 Online Auction Company used by more people in and around the World - than any other!

Anything is Possible if WE Together Remember that We CAN make Dreams Come TRUE - Everyday!

WE ALL really (do) matter! Thank You - everyone - who wishes to be involved with US in this tremendous positive effort to help others - not just ourselves!

WE MUST Keep the Faith - always!

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