Saturday, April 29, 2006

When Lightning Strikes - Can WE Share our "Light and our Love" w/ the World?

-----------Man killed in Fla. when lightning strikes
- A man was fatally struck by lightning while talking to his neighbor about the coming hurricane season. Harold Bennett, 65, was standing outside his home when he was hit in the head about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, said neighbor Judy Thompson.
“It was like somebody had shot him,” Thompson said. “The lightning went right through him ... It was horrible.”

It was lightly raining when Bennett was taking the garbage outside and spotted Thompson rearranging furniture.

“He always liked to talk any chance he got, and he asked me if I was moving,” Thompson said. “I said I was just clearing out the back for hurricane season.”

The two were standing about 25 feet apart. Thompson was not hurt.

Can WE SEE how precious a life can be...Can WE SHARE our sympathy when it is needed?

-----------Homeless Man Saves Cop's Life - Does the Right Thing
- Two weeks after police have credited [a homeless man] with saving the life of one of their own, he is still there, in the parking lot, downplaying his actions as police drive by every so often to offer thanks or donations.

Bret Smith, the commander of Northeast Precinct, where Off Tobey is assigned on the graveyard shift, hopes to find Whitman [some] transitional housing - another way of showing gratitude. "He deserves that and anything else we can do for him," Smith said.

Off Tobey said "he could not find words that expressed the depth of his feelings" for the [homeless man]. "He was a blessing to me, simply," he said. "A guy was beating on me and wouldn't have stopped unless [Whitman] pulled him off - I'm sure of that."

But Whitman, 53, doesn't think of himself as any kind of hero. Home for him is a 1977 Lincoln Versailles, faded pastel yellow, with tags that expired in December 2003.

But to Portland cops, his actions are a big deal. Wednesday night, about 15 officers and sergeants from the graveyard shift drove from the precinct to the bar parking lot after graveyard-shift roll call with a carload of blankets, long johns and food. They also came with money left in an envelope put out at two Northeast Precinct roll calls, which they thought would add up to $30 or $40, enough for a few nice meals.

"It turned out to be about $250," Teig said. "People from every precinct have been giving us stuff for this guy, so I think we'll be making more trips out to see him. We couldn't fit everything in the car."

Whitman said what he really needs is a secure job. He was in the Navy from 1971 to 1974, he said, then got jobs doing custom woodwork, later building exhibits at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. Heart and prostate problems forced him to cut back his hours, he said. Then, a year and a half ago, he said, he got laid off.

"I just can't hump sheets of plywood anymore, but I'd love to be doing something, y'know?" he said. He seemed taken aback that anyone would want to know more about him.

"I didn't do nothing special," he said.

"You would be surprised," Teig said, "how many people don't step up [when they are needed]."

"In this neighborhood, people should know what this guy did for one of our guys and that we got his back," Teig said. "I hope nobody tries to lay a hand on him except to shake his hand."

"That would be nice, real nice," [Whitman] said. "[I] Don't know what all this fuss is about, though. I don't want anybody to make a big deal."
Thank You EVERYONE and so many in the media, government, and national org's as we SHARE with you those in need of our help - who show they can and want to save the lives of others - everyday - if given the chance - and who are in need of our assitance too.

As they continually have and will show, "again and again" they always "try to do the right thing for others instead of just themselves."

"It is in ALL of US...and shines" the bright "light of awareness" on the problems we must N.O.W. face openly with understanding and insight in our country and in our society - for Equality - for Freedom - and do so EVERYDAY by simply showing and sharing these stories of un-selfish acts of love for one another - no matter what our gender or economic status in life...
Keeping the Faith - always,
Stephen Rene
C.I.E. - Strategic Business Development
"Have WE SHARED The TRUTH with OTHERS - Today?"
"Together - We Can Continue to Make a Difference - Everyday!"
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