Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WELCOME TO COMEBACK DADS! - We're glad you're here!

We are dads, stepmothers, grandparents, family therapists, lawyers and others who aim to change laws that guide family courts. We want children of divorced families to have nearly equal time with their moms and dads where both are fit parents. We want joint custody in most cases.

If you're a divorced dad, our book Comeback Dads, by James Dunn provides support and encouragement. Read stories about other divorced dads who face discrimination, loss of custody, unfair restraining orders, false allegations of abuse, even jail time. See the Shared Parenting Bill, proposed legislation designed to rebalance family court. Read perspectives from psychotherapists and attorneys on the family court system.

If you're an attorney or family therapist who works with divorcing families, Comeback Dads may validate your perceptions of a troubled family court that destroys families and perpetuates conflict.

It's time to upgrade family courts so moms and dads are treated equally. Join us! Purchasing the book will help drive legislative reform. Come on in and check out excerpts from Comeback Dads.

Get an update on the Shared Parenting Bill
AS A FEDERAL EMERGENCY ACT of Congress...in the future!?

We were told it could never be done...working well together no matter the gender, race, or religious belief side by side - with like minded - fair and balenced souls of today...who still beleive in upholding our US Constitution and Bill of Rights couragously, with wisdom, strength and generosity - WE CAN and WILL expose the TRUTH about ALL those who are "out for $$$ 1st and love for one another 2nd" - and most of ALL the love needed to be shown for our children instead - our Nation has started to open it's eyes and ears to learn more about the family law process ProSe and the past traditions which are coming to an end - God Bless Us in our mission to do the right thing to save lives in our nation from being lost in this 21st Century Civil War between MILLIONS of parents and personally injuring the children involved - needlessly......
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