Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mideast history is instructive - The Bible tells us so...

Mideast history is instructive, with predictions often off the mark. But there are constants: U.S. efforts to maintain order and keep Israel and the Arabs on a peace track.

Sharon illustrates how events in the Middle East often defy expectations. The tough, unyielding ex-general wound up endorsing Palestinian statehood and withdrawing all Jewish settlers from Gaza and part of the West Bank.

Nearly three decades ago, Menachem Begin, another dedicated hardliner, agreed to relinquish Sinai to Egypt in exchange for a peace treaty.

The Arab leader he negotiated with, Anwar Sadat, had vowed only months before the accord that peace with Israel was a worthy objective, but not until the next generation.
Are we not NOW in that next generation? Can our world leaders and theirs' finally make a peace accord on a higher level that works for all sides in a very heated debate?

If we can show these leaders "how to treat one another the way we - they - would wish to be treated" - it can and will happen for the many lives that we can truly help to save.

If we do - it may very well be our "very own sons and daughters" of this 21st century - whose lives we save. It is imperative that “a message of LOVE - never Hate nor violence” be shown - for one another - and that this be sent to "ALL listening and watching" in the region, in our institutions, and in the media around the world.

Stephen Rene
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