Monday, December 26, 2005

Even NewsWEEK - Political GOV's and Media Consultants show they are listening?

A quarter of a million kids in Illinois don’t have health insurance, and at least half of them are in working families that make too much money to qualify for public assistance but not enough to afford private insurance. People “who work hard and play by the rules” but can’t get ahead in a health-care system that is unyielding.

Unlike the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), created by Congress in 1997 to provide coverage to children from low-income families that do not qualify for Medicaid, the All Kids plan is available to all regardless of income. “It’s not free, but it’s affordable:

“The American Dream is about working hard and getting ahead. You shouldn’t be penalized,” he says. “Every parent should get everything the governor’s daughters get,” he added, including dental care and eye care.

Now finally a program that is better and less costly than conventional insurance offering:

No Waiting Period – Coverage within 24-48 hours!
No Claim Forms
No Deductibles
No AGE Restrictions
No Pre-Existing Dis-qualifiers
Just Present your Member Number to any Program Provider and your bill is reduced up to 50-80% depending on fees and services rendered!
400,000 Doctors, Dentists and other healthcare practioners - from as many as 3 different PPO organizations who have agreed to sign on to this program NationWide - as of Jan 2006 - this is a Win-Win for the consumer and the doctors alike!

Initial Enrollment Fees of only:
$20 for Dental / Vision / Rx / Chiropractic -
Ind $11.95 - $19.95 per month for the entire Household!

$30 for Medical & Dental Vision / Rx / Chiropractic -
Ind $49.95 - $59.95 per month for the same!
thru the end of 2005.

FOR more info and to sign up online securely:

Click here to SEE the Movie - Save Money on HealthCare!

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