Sunday, November 06, 2005

Google has a free e-mail service - HooRay!

Google has a free e-mail service! For now, Google is only opening up the service to invited users but expects to make it accessible to everyone within a few weeks, Google co-founder Larry Page told The Associated Press.

A built-in search function will let people type in keywords to sort e-mails or find old missives. To finance the service, Google will display advertising links tied to the topics discussed within the e-mails. For instance, an e-mail inquiring about an upcoming concert might include an ad from a ticket agency.

At 1 gigabyte per user, Google will be offering more than 100 times the storage that some of its rivals do, enough to hold 500,000 pages of e-mail, the company said.
Google has been great to us as the #1 Search Engine and listing our Blog in the past under many relevent Family Law and Parental Rights search terms - and for your willingness to expose the truth, and not attempt to hide it...:) Thank You Google!

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