Thursday, November 03, 2005

FBI Parental Kidnapping's - Can We Help Find Them?

Everyone can go to the FBI Parental Kidnapping's website and see the Top 10 most wanted there...multiply that by 1000 times and we might start to see why "shared parenting" is soo critical to avoid these people feeling the way they do, and what drove them there - the current adversarial Family Law system and the selfishness of keeping a child from one or the other parent legally, honestly, and ethically by US Constitutional law.

The TV show we hope to see aired in the future will highlite these kinds of parents and in helping show these cases publiclly - thereby increasing the numbers of victims found in these kinds of cases...(it is interesting to see who the real victims are) when you review the FBI's Top 10 Kidnappers WebPage:

The gender difference is pretty obvious here too - and if you just click on the parent's picture you get ALL the background info on each case and what caused them to want kidnap their own child in the 1st place?

We ALWAYS and ONLY advocate a "shared parenting" plan and future STATE & FEDERAL legislation truly needed to prevent ever taking a child away from the other parent - selfishly.

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Stephen Rene
Parents Who Care - We Can Make a Difference!
Seminole FL
LA, CT, Wash DC


NYMOM said...

It's interesting that you are so concerned about parental kidnapping Stephen. What about parents who commit a judically sanctioned kidnapping by going to court when the other person loses their job and apartment due to a terrorist attack?

Are they included in your group of very bad people as well, parents who use the court to kidnap a kid...

What about the ones who run all over the internet afterwards claiming a child's mother doesn't care about him; that she only used him to get child support from the father?

Are they bad people as well...

Look to YOURSELF and your OWN bad conduct BEFORE going around and self-righteously preaching to others.


FathersWhoCare said...

Thank You for writing NYMom - (is this my son's Mommy or boyfriend?) but again you are so wrong about me again and I never took my son from my son's mother and never will - I would always share him with her equally - always.

I have comitted nothing criminal not improper - except to tell the truth about these injustices - and in doing so - have been set Free by those in authority - as the "good book" tells us will be.

But if you are not willing to share equally - then that is on your conscience - not mine - equal is equal and does not need a "rocket scientist" to explain it - as is "honest, fair and just" for all involved - not just a few.

It would truly end the arguments over money and the child forever...and they are being hurt and sometimes as in SF and FL and elsewhere sometimes dumped - all because the present system refuses to change - needelesly - and punishes our children and the other parent intentionally...needs to stop - in the future...:)

Anonymous said...

Stephen i guess that is your name- i would like to know if you have custody of your son now, and if you do then it gives me hope in obtaining custody of my three children in which my ex-wife and her boyfriend ran off with. I agreed to give her primary residence of the children if she would move back from out of state and i put a geographical restriction in the divorce in order to prevent her from running off with my children. Now she has done so but she is not in hiding she has freely given Investigators her address but noone seems to be doing anything. Its like she is taunting the legal system with not caring. FRUSTRATED!!!!!