Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shared Parenting LAW - It's Time has Now Come

"In a more balanced and less adversarial legal process, 1 glaring statistic may the last 10 years 300,000 non-custodial & custodial parents have taken their own lives, and that of their own children based on the current adversarial process in place."

Is this not an emergent "wake up call" we can no longer afford to close our legislative eyes to? No one can (or should) argue that this has gone on for way too long (over 30 years now), and is actually hurting, not helping the millions of our nation's children (and their parents needlessly), as well as, their future's in America and around the world.” SRene2005

ARE NOT EQUAL RIGHTS what the opposition has asked for in so many other areas of the law and in our society? Can we not expect the same with regard to our own children?" SRene2005

Apr 2005 - PRESS Release - New California Shared Parenting Bill

New California Shared Parenting Bill Seeks to Preserve
Children of Divorce's Bonds with Both Parents
April 25, 2005
AB 1307, a new Shared Parenting bill recently introduced in the California legislature, seeks to help preserve children of divorce's bonds with both parents by creating a clear presumption that parents equally share in the responsibility of joint custody of their children unless there is clear evidence that it would not be in the children's best interests.

The California Shared Parenting Alliance (CSPA) has just launched a campaign to support the bill in Sacramento. If you'd like to learn more about AB 1307, go to

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